New Beginnings

With the launch of my all new portfolio site, I felt it was important to begin blogging again. While I was in college it was required to set up and maintain a blog. At the time it felt like an unnecessary chore, but as time has passed I find myself not only reflecting on some of the old posts I had written, but I've also gained a bit of a newfound understanding of the importance of blogging. I see, now, that despite the fact that this site might not get much traffic from your average internet browser, that's not exactly the point. The point of this blog for me is more about reflection and critical thinking. What are the challenges I've faced? How can I improve my skill set? It doesn't matter the topic, only that I'm reflecting and thinking about my journey through my career.

Over the next couple weeks I'd like to post some of my old blog posts, and slowly get back into writing some new content. As a creative, I believe that it's important to not only exercise my visual creativity, but my mental creativity as well. Writing is only a small part of it. I've also been making a conscious effort over the last couple months to read more. Much more! There's no shortage of books on design, branding, marketing, and consumer behaviors. Every book I've read so far has brought invaluable knowledge to my day-to-day thinking.

I've also found myself enthralled with a variety of design related podcasts, particularly Design Matters with Debbie MIllman. Her interviews and musings with some of the greatest thinkers in our industry fascinate me, and drive me to do better; Better for myself, better for my clients, and better for the overall design community.

I have great aspirations for my future. If I'm not continually making an effort to move forward, then I'll only find myself falling behind. There's also the realization that in the end, I'm doing something I love, and I wanna be able to look back on my career with the satisfaction that I've achieved everything I've set out to. At the same time, though, I realize there are no guarantees in life, and I have to celebrate the small victories. The launch of this site is a small victory. I hope it's only the beginning of more great things to come.